Duroxite® coating products are designed for extreme wear situations such as abrasion, impact, heat, wear-to-metal and erosion. Duroxite® guarantees protection against wear for a long time thanks to its guaranteed anti-wear properties up to a depth equivalent to 75% of the coating thickness.

Mainly applied within cement works, quarries, mining and steel mills, Duroxite® steel sheets have a surface hardness that far exceeds that of other steels available on the market.

What Duroxite® offers:

  • Extreme durability and protection against wear caused by rocks, aggregates, coal, sand, hard and sharp minerals
  • Extends the useful life of the implements weeks, months and even years
  • Fights metal-to-metal, metal-to-ground, sliding and impact wear
  • Guaranteed wear resistance up to 75% of the coating thickness
  • Wide range of industries and uses in mining, quarrying, cement, steel, agriculture, process industries and more
  • Available in sheet metal, tube, bolt and electrodes


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